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What is the Infinite Banking Concept?

Cash Flow vs Nest Egg

Cash Flow vs Nest Egg


I would recommend Factum to anyone on the fence about what to do with their money because they have a clear set path for growing your money securely and with added more personal control over it.
Before I started Infinite Banking, my financial life was a bit chaotic. I was investing (and still am), but I wasn’t “double-dipping” like you can within the infinite banking system. I’m now able to increase my investment yield by taking a few additional simple steps.
It is an investment in the future. They care about my 6 kids and are helping me build a financial legacy for them. I feel like it is a safe place for my money to be and I can have access to it if I needed it.

Increase your financial IQ?

If you’re ready to break away from conventional financial methods that put your money at risk and to take control of your finances, our wealth strategists are ready to guide you to start the process now.

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Becoming Your Own Banker

R. Nelson Nash illustrates that your need for finance during your life is much greater than your need for death benefit. As you read the book he addresses a serious problem, you finance everything in life. You either pay interest to use money that a finance company will lend you, or you save up and use your own cash thus giving up interest you could have earned. The problem is that in both scenarios the money is transferred away from your family or business. When you decide to purchase this book it will give you an understanding of how to control the banking function in your life as it relates to you. Buy this book today to educate yourself about financing your future endeavors and how to build a wealth system that you can never outlive!

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The Richest Man in Babylon

In this book, George S. Clason explains how to be financially successful for one to accomplish the goals they have for their future. This reading will help you understand financial principles, basics on effective money management while also giving tools for one to have their business thrive. This book will show you exactly how much money to save which will allow you to grow your wealth every year as well as increase your lifestyle every year!

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki tells his story of how his father who was poor and his best friend’s father who was rich shaped his thoughts about money. The book explains five main things to conquer before becoming wealthy, ten steps to developing a personal financial plan, and steps to put in the work. Having this book will help one understand wealth development. Building true wealth has to start with the way you think!

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A part of all you earn is yours to keep.

-The Richest Man In Babylon-

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