If you took a survey of the most successful and affluent self-made millionaires to find out one of the most important skills you can develop, most of them would definitely say reading. Self-study is as important to your financial health as financial education workshops like the ones that Factum Financial offers. Teens and young adults in particular have received marginal education on the subject. Yet, once they are 18, society expects them to make some of the biggest financial decisions they have ever made without a real understanding of how early financial decisions can make or break them in the future. Factum Financial wants to change that. Here is a definitive list of the books that we think all teens and young adults needs to read to set themselves up for financial success for the rest of their lives.

The Millionaire Next Door

This one tops many lists and it’s easy to see why. One of the reasons this book is so radical is because it makes the reader think about what it means to be a millionaire. What do you picture when you think of a millionaire? A fancy car and a nice house? What if you are living next door to a quiet millionaire? It happens more often than you might think. This book will break your expectations of what a millionaire is and what it takes to become a millionaire. You’re always a few steps closer than you really think. You just need to change your perspective.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki’s radically popular book has also been rewritten for teens in the 21st century and this list wouldn’t be complete without it. This book displays the differences between an asset and a liability or things that make you money versus things that do not. If you want to learn to look at money as a tool, not a burden, you need to read this book.

Your Money Or Your Life

This is more than just a catchy title that might make you pull it down off the shelf. One of the reasons so many people struggle with money is because of their relationship to their finances. We have already notated the silent relationship between people and their financial situation, but this book lays it out in an easy to grasp and totally relatable context. Your savings problems are not new and they can be fixed easily with 9 simple steps.

Broke Millennial

The picture of a broke millennial resonates so well with a younger generation because many young people identify with that model. And yet, we are all a lot closer to success than we might think. Broke Millennial will radically shift your perspective, empowering you to make the leap from living paycheck to paycheck and stuck in the debt cycle to financial security you can’t even imagine. Forget the typical structure of financial advice that many books come with. This one is all about real life situations we all have to deal with and how to get out of them.

The Richest Man In Babylon

Unlike many of the books on this list, this novel was not written for a 21st century, but that doesn’t mean that the advice dispensed in the form of parables isn’t valuable to every person that reads it. This one is easy to digest and it will radically shift your views on saving money and the effect of savings on your future.

You’re So Money

You’re So Money is the kind of book that makes you feel like it’s been written just for you, full of all the pop-culture and 21st century insight young people crave while imparting time-tested and age old wisdom that anyone can benefit from. This book teaches you not only how to buy the things you really want with small adjustments in other spending, but also why that’s important.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Many teens and young adults are turned off from financial conversations because they feel talked down to or that people choose not to recognize their financial autonomy or treat them with kid gloves about their finances. I Will Teach You To Be Rich is the commentary these people have been waiting for. The author pulls no punches and spares no reality, while also maintaining a humorous tone, making it one of the great books on this list for people that need that extra-real encouragement that some are too scared to give them.

The 4 Hour Work Week

This book has one of the biggest followings you have never heard of. People across the globe look to this book for advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and live as a nomad of the digital age. Like many books on this list, this book will radically shift how you think about finances and what you can do to live your dreams without permission.

A Factum Financial Bonus: Become Your Own Banker.

All of these books are perfect for teens and young adults who are just beginning to harness their financial future, but not of them has been as influential to the Factum Financial team as R. Nelson Nash’s Become Your Own Banker. The system that is used for Infinite Banking has been around for centuries and yet it feels like a radical system because so many of the elite don’t want you to know their secrets. This book changed our lives and it will change yours too.

Want to find out more? Factum Financial can show you how to unlock the secrets of becoming your own banker and taking charge of your financial future. Teens and young adults deserve the best chance starting out to build wealth and avoid debt. Factum Financial is here to give them the keys to that success. Contact a Factum Financial Wealth strategist now for a free packet of information.

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