In today’s world, you can quickly educate yourself on any topic via the internet. You have probably even performed an online self-diagnosis regarding an ailment or two. However, when it comes to establishing a legacy of long-time wealth, the expertise of a professional firm is essential. Factum Financial simplifies complex financial advice into actionable strategies that work through a concept called Infinite Banking. Through this time honored approach, Factum Financial is able to play an integral role in building wealth outside of Wall Street.

Infinite Banking

Are you familiar with the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) created by R. Nelson Nash? It is the practice of creating your own personal financing system to recover the cost of your lifestyle. Nash refers to it as “Becoming Your Own Banker.”
While it sounds simple, many consumers and business owners are at a loss as to how to accomplish it. Factum Financial will show you how to protect yourself and your family, successfully retire, maximize cash flow and overcome crippling debt using infinite banking concepts.

Financial Wisdom

We believe the current financial system is broken. Conventional financial wisdom has led to the enslavement of a nation, where the typical family has less than $500 in savings while paying .34 cents of every dollar in interest payments. Factum wants to know: who controls the banking function of your life? The average american family or business would say major banking institutions. This is where the golden rule applies and that is, “He who has the gold (money), makes the rules”.

The Banking Process

The difference between our company and those of our competitors is our ability to teach you how to utilize your retirement products now through infinite banking. We can reduce your costly interest payments, resolve your debt issues and maximize your cash flow.

Did you know that a dividend paying whole life insurance policy from a mutual life insurance company can work for you while you are still alive? Your retirement products can benefit your lifestyle long before you retire. The concept relies on dedication and discipline. Factum Financial is readily available to support you.

Wealth Mindset

Why reinvent the wheel? Why not do what the wealthy and the financial institutions have done for over two hundred years?

Factum’s Success

The contemporary, imaginative brand that you know as Factum Financial is experienced in working with young families, first-time homeowners, small business owners, and corporate entities. Like Wall Street, you may experience some monetary lows before the financial highs.

Imagine that you are receiving a loan from your personal bank and will later pay yourself back with interest. Remember that it is a self-investment.

Whether your end goal is an individual legacy or generational wealth, Factum Financial is excited to be your provider. We want to inspire an atmosphere of thought and leadership where our customers can share their experiences with others.

Wisdom, wealth and legacy are what we strive to give to our clientele. Contact us today, so we can show you the benefits of infinite banking and begin protecting and building your future for generations to come.

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