Transfer Your Wealth

Utilizing your life insurance policy to the fullest extent is a keen way to create generational wealth. The advantageous concept allows you to transfer your wealth you have accumulated to your family and their subsequent families.

One such policy offered by Factum Financial is a Dividend Paying Whole Life Policy (D.P.W.L.). These policies extend a guaranteed death benefit to your beneficiaries.

Bank on yourself by gaining some financial wisdom from our wealth strategists. Factum Financial is a spirited, imaginative company whose primary investment is you. We believe in The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) that promotes the mentality of being your own banker.

This article supports that thinking by demonstrating how you can transfer your wealth with a Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance policy provided by Factum Financial.

How It Works For You And Your Family

The death benefit amount for a Dividend Paying Whole Life policy is based on the gender, age and health status of the insured, as well as how much money was deposited initially. Naturally, a younger individual is deemed to have a long life span, which means their premium will grow for many years before their death benefit will be paid.

Factum Financial is skilled in educating individuals, families and business owners like you on the best deposit to suit your needs as well as how to transfer your wealth.

How It Benefits You Before And After Death

College tuition, home expenses, car financing and unexpected emergencies can all be successfully satisfied with your policy. Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance has a quick cash value build-up because the policy has been designed for access to cash starting as early as the first 30 days.

If you are in need of the money, it is there for the taking. You have the option of receiving a loan against your Factum Financial policy. We have D.P.W.L. policies available that provide tax free access to your death benefit to pay for necessary expenses. The death benefit that remains when you pass away will also be tax-free. This is a huge advantage for heirs involved in large estate inheritances when you pass on and must transfer your wealth.

How Seniors Can Qualify And Pass It On

Did you know that seniors are eligible for life insurance? Age matters, but the underwriting process can allow many elderly prospects to still qualify for a Dividend Paying Whole Life Policy.

If the prospective insured senior can answer in the negative to some pertinent questions, the benefit can be granted. The DPWL plan is designed to be readily available to those who need it. Seniors in exceptional health have the option of submitting to a higher level of underwriting which will provide more advanced insurance benefits.

Factum Financial excels in assisting their customers regarding financial wisdom, generational wealth and asset protection. We don’t want to keep all of the financial intelligence to ourselves. We are in the business of sharing our expertise with young families, those in debt, and business owners.

Factum Financial succeeds when you do. We strive to teach you how to share that same expertise with your peers. Thought leadership is one of our strengths. Let us show you how to safeguard the legacy and transfer your wealth attached to your loved ones, estates, and businesses.

Take the next step toward financial freedom and control your fiscal future. Reach out to us today to begin creating a legacy of wealth for you and your loved ones.

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