Every member of the Factum Financial team is a valued contributor to the vision of helping families and businesses circumvent the broken financial system and galvanize their financial journey through the Infinite Banking Concept. Kyle Fuller, one of the many passionate wealth strategists on our team, has put forth a tremendous effort this year and deserves congratulations for becoming an Authorized IBC Practitioner for the state of Arizona!

This title, bestowed by the Nelson Nash Institute and Nelson Nash, the originator of IBC, sets Kyle apart as a trusted source for individuals and businesses looking to begin their IBC journey or to expand their knowledge on this radical wealth building strategy.

Kyle is passionate about seeing families succeed through the Infinite Banking Concept. As an Authorized IBC Practitioner, Kyle wants to help families create and grow a family bank that enables all members to remain fiscally healthy and to be able to follow their business, school, or personal dreams without resorting to servitude to a traditional bank.

Kyle is a family man, with a young son who had a banking policy at 3 months old. Because of Kyle’s knowledge and planning, his son will be able to rely on his policy for any endeavor and will never have to borrow from a bank to do it. That’s the type of power he wants to pass on through his work as an Authorized IBC Practitioner. Kyle wants to show families how to grow their wealth and to keep it in the family, solidifying a legacy for generations to come.

What Does This Mean For Factum Financial?

As a company, we are overjoyed to have Kyle among our ranks as an Authorized IBC Practitioner. Kyle has completed the R. Nelson Nash Institute IBC Practitioners’ Program, an intense course designed for financial professionals to expand their knowledge of the inner mechanisms of whole life insurance as a cash-flow vehicle. This course answers questions that wealth strategists and other industry professionals have that go beyond a consumer understanding of IBC and helps professionals to design efficient policies that maximize a customer’s cash flow, compounding, and growth. Kyle Fuller, as an Authorized IBC Practitioner, has committed to Factum Financial clients to craft well designed, efficient, and profitable policies that all our clients are satisfied with.

What Does This Mean For You?

Every policy designed by the Factum Financial team is created with our clients and their prosperous futures in mind. Kyle Fuller, as an Authorized IBC Practitioner, has proven his understanding of the IBC and how to design cash-flow systems that grant true financial freedom to individuals and businesses that want to take their banking function in their own hands. Any policy designed by Kyle and Factum Financial carries with it the certainty that it will function as Nash intended and grant individuals, families and businesses the control and growth they could not find in open water with the rest of the financial sharks.

If you’re ready to take the next step and harness the power of Infinite Banking, Kyle Fuller and the Factum Financial team will show you how to take your savings and growth to a new level. Contact Factum Financial now for more information or to schedule your free 30 minute wealth strategy session now.