Attending seminars and conferences is a difficult task for many people, even if it’s on another person’s dollar like an employers. Many people have a hard time discussing or even thinking about their financial situation in a public event and often times people are not willing to adjust their scope to see new concepts for what they are worth. For many of us, the added pressure of a possible sales pitch in any seminar is enough to spook us. However, this kind of logic is debilitating and keeps people from living up to the measures and goals they set for themselves, particularly when it comes to developing our personal achievements in a new year. Did you make a financial resolution for your new year? Factum Financial wealth strategists want to encourage you to attend a few financial workshops, conferences, and seminars this year for your own personal development. Here are a few reasons why:

Develop Your Goals

Your goals are unique and they are dynamic, but maybe they are not as fleshed out as you know they can be. Attending networking events and financial workshops is a great way to help develop those goals, molding and sculpting them until they are no longer a mirage, but a rock solid standard for your actions moving forward. Never underestimate the power of multiple brains in one room and how it might help your goals moving forward.

Understand The Science

Maybe you already know your goals are solid and you know how you want to get to them, but do you have all the answers about the process you are using to accomplish them. Understanding the science and the power of financial strategies, like the Infinite Banking Concept, will take some knowledge. There is nothing more powerful than personal interaction and while a blog post, podcast, or youtube video can teach you a lot, meeting face to face will only serve to help you understand the science better. In many cases, financial workshops also help people to understand how to implement certain savings or growth strategies without binding themselves up with simple mistakes.

Meet The Experts

Maintaining an attitude of learning and the heart of a student is one of the most important traits that you can possess. No matter how much you can learn from external resources, having the opportunity to learn from experts in any field is not an opportunity to miss out on. You wouldn’t only turn to webMD or a medical TV show for answers about your personal health without seeking advice from a medical professional, so why would you only listen to radio personalities or TV hosts for information on financial health? You need to take the opportunity to meet experts at financial workshops and seminars, if only just to ask them questions.

Ask Questions

You cannot be informed about your goals or prepared for the decisions you need to make to accomplish those goals without asking questions and making inquiries. In some sense, google is a great friend in this regard and you can get started on the path. However, financial workshops or even a one-on-one with an expert will give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn answers, instead of falling down an endless rabbit hole of research.

Gain A New Perspective

Finally, one of the greatest things about attending a financial workshop or seminar is the opportunity to gain a new perspective. Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, “ one’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, can never return to its former dimensions.” Every opportunity to nurture and grow our understanding of our finances and our financial health is not something that should be taken for granted.

Don’t miss out on opportunities that stand before you this year. If the thing separating you from financial freedom is a preconceived notion about financial workshops, cast that doubt aside.

The team at Factum Financial is here to guide you on your journey to financial independence. Whether you attend a free one-on-one wealth strategy session or one of the many interactive workshops throughout 2019 with our excellent team, you’re a click away from a radically improved financial future. For more information, call (480) 525-8180 now.

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