Everyone desires riches. The security that a vast amount of wealth could buy you is something that we all fantasize about. Most people don’t want to work very long or very hard for that level of wealth, instead choosing to hope that life will give them a winning hand. That’s why people play the lottery, gamble or chase get-rich-quick schemes. There is something to be said about cultivating a healthy financial garden and setting up your family’s legacy for generations to come. However, we shouldn’t sacrifice what makes us happy and the relationships in our lives to chase the almighty dollar. Factum Financial wants to give you the tools to set yourself up financially without having to run the rat race and pursue riches. Here’s why you should stop trying to be rich and start living the life you want.

You Aren’t Enjoying Your Journey

Having a lot of wealth isn’t bad thing, unless it’s the only thing occupying your mind. When all you do is think about money, you miss out on the journey of life. While sometimes days and weeks can drag, life is definitely shorter than we think. At the end, will you have lived enough if all you do is chase money. One habit of the truly happy rich with their finances is that they find a way to put their money to work for them, rather than working for their money. That way they earn steadily over a long period of time and enjoy their lives, rather than being consumed by the desire to be rich.

You Destroy Family Bonds

At Factum Financial, we are big believers in family. Your legacy is important and while part of your legacy should be to safeguard some wealth to set up your descendants, you also shouldn’t miss out on the lives of your family. If you aren’t spending time with your kids and try to make up for that with purchases, you can end up ruining their self worth and creating a sense of entitlement that won’t help in the real world. And a marriage where one partner endlessly pursues riches won’t end well unless that’s the center around which the marriage was built.

Why Miss Out On What You Really Want To Do?

The way to make money work for you so you can live a full and realized life without worry is to stop thinking in terms of dollars and cents, instead focusing on the values that define you. Your wealth plan should be based on freedom, whatever that means to you. If that means backpacking in the rocky mountains has always been your dream, how do you accomplish that? If your dream is to own a nice cottage by a lake and skip rocks all day, what would it take to make that happen. What is your threshold for happiness? Remember that ,for the most part, the people that you see on magazines and TV living an elegant lifestyle were actually just dreamers who focused on their goals.

How To Have Financial Health Without Trying To Be Rich

While it seems like there is conflicting dichotomy between being financially healthy and trying to be rich, the two are very different. Think about what’s appealing about being rich. You imagine you don’t have any worries and that you’re set up for everything that could come your way. You don’t have to be rich to live your life the way you want. Setting up your financial situation so that you have a healthy savings and can manage major purchases is possible without giving up your life to be rich. Come learn about the mechanism that Factum Financial can help you create to increase your cash flow and protect your wealth. Contact our team today for your free wealth strategy session.

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