When you use the “Infinite Banking Concept” with a specifically designed whole life insurance policy, you have to get radical with your thinking. Get past its name and focus on what it can do for you! It is important to remember that the policies Factum designs are built specifically for producing cash flow. They are not your typical life insurance policy built for death benefit. They are not the policies your parents had, or your boss, etc. The policy for your banking function has to be designed for maximum cash efficiency. The death benefit it comes with is an added bonus to the system.

When You Should Get An Additional Policy

As you progress in life, it’s expected that your financing needs will change. This also affects your banking policy. One policy may not be enough for your growing family and business financing needs. A seasoned policy produces great cash flow much like a seasoned business. Most businesses take several years to turn a decent profit. If that sounds like a long time, remember that a certain well-known coffee shop takes even longer, up to 7 years to become profitable. A typical banking policy does very well in the 5th year going forward and at that time it requires much less cash to keep it growing, much like a business that requires less capital as time goes on. What would any good business man or woman do with the excess money they don’t need for the first business? Start a new business! Multiple policies from Factum Financial are just what you need to secure your family’s wealth and your business’s assets. Our team of wealth strategists can help you match the surge in your financing needs with additional policies built for cash.

The Benefit Of Having Multiple Policies

It does not matter how many policies you have in your banking system. What really matters is how much of your income you have flowing through your banking system and how much of the banking function you own in comparison to your financing needs. The real benefit of having multiple policies is the ability to insure multiple individuals. Remember, this is not a typical set up. It’s not about life insurance; it’s about cash flow. If it’s designed right, it will be comforting to know that the whole family is insured with a system of policies that produce a cash benefit and cover everyone if the worst should happen.

Financial Education That Matters

In a typical situation, most life insurance or financial plans are started and then you never hear from your agent again. At Factum, we know your banking system will change as your life changes and we are committed to help guide you every step of the way. There is nothing you will do that we haven’t done already. We know that life is about constantly learning and that is why we host workshops to continually educate our clients about their banking policies and how we can make it more efficient every year.

We are committed to giving you the best life insurance journey possible. We stand beside you before, during, and after you sign on the dotted line. Your success is our success. Factum Financial has the expertise to show you how to effectively use your life insurance policies now. We enjoy educating our customers on all of the financial tools they need to be successful without the typical financial plans that banks push. We strive to assist you in banking on yourself. Our team of professionals can guide you in your quest to gain a healthy financial mentality. We have experience working with young families, new homeowners, small business owners and corporate entities.

Take immediate steps to secure your family’s legacy by contacting one of our wealth strategists today at (480) 525-8180.

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