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Videos and digital media sources have changed the way that people are able to communicate big ideas in a short amount of time. They are some of our most powerful resources! The media in this section of the Vault will give you some topics to think about and questions to mull over when it comes to your financial plan. Have more questions? Head over to the contact page to get in touch with a wealth specialist now.

Plugging In To Financial Freedom


Annual Pattern of Spending

Everyone has their own annual pattern of spending, but it’s often focused on making returns on the 10% they save over a year instead of all the interest they pay and the 90% of income they could recapture if they own banking function. How are you thinking about your spending?

Fractional Reserve Banking

Do you know how a bank actually makes money? Banks are constantly creating cash flow rather than letting our money sit in their vaults, meaning they use our money to make themselves more money. How would you like that power in your hands? It’s time to become your own banker.

Nest Egg Mentality Vs. Cash Flow Mentality

How do you think about your retirement? Are you putting too much emphasis on a “nest egg” to live on, where you collect enough money to last through the end of your days? We have been taught wrong and should be focused on cash flow. Explore retirement mentalities with Factum Financial and make sure you have the right one now!

We Finance Everything

No matter how you purchase something, whether you use cash or borrow money from someone else, you lose the ability to gain interest and the money goes out of your wealth pool forever. Factum Financial can help you gain advantage on purchasing power with a time-honored process.

What Is The Infinite Banking Concept?

Do you know what the Infinite Banking Concept is? Factum Financial wants you to know what Infinite Banking is and what it’s not so you can see the benefits of this cash flow system!

Cash-In On Living Benefits

Kyle and Scott discuss life insurance as a means for cash value and growth. This isn’t your typical life insurance policy, which protects families and business partners in case you pass on. This is a specifically designed policy with life benefits along with a guaranteed death benefit.

3 Questions To Ask Before Putting Your Money In A Qualifies Plan

Top wealth strategists, Kyle Fuller and Scott Crook from Factum Financial, sat down to discuss qualified plans for your retirement. Do you use a qualified plan like a 401k or an IRA?

Recommended Videos

Official Trailer – The Power of Zero documentary

As the US debt spirals out of control, it polarizes society and threatens to disrupt traditional retirement options with an impending freight train of onerous taxes and draconian austerity measures. The Power of Zero documentary will play in theaters in October 2018. This film is still playing in limited theaters.