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Infinite Banking Resources

Be Your Own Banker Online Courses

Learn key strategies to create certainty in your financial future!

Infinite Banking – How-To Guide to Wealth

Check out our online introduction course, Infinite Banking. A How-To Guide to Wealth to create a bullet-proof financial and personal wealth system with more certainty without making high-risk investments that rarely pay off. Our introduction course includes 21 lessons with over 5 hours of training on the in’s and outs’ of Infinite Banking.

Infinite Banking In Action

Next, learn how to accelerate your growth and build a legacy! Check out our online courses to accelerate and maximize your wealth potential. Our implementation course includes 18 lessons with over 5 hours of training, you can dive even deeper into the insane ways you can accelerate your wealth building.

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Nelson Nash Institute


Redirecting the Family Banking Flow

Infinite Banking and Real Estate

Redirecting the Family Banking Flow