Safeguard Your Own Retirement

Factum doesn’t want to see good people lose their retirement earnings because of the volatility and uncertainty of Wall Street. Factum wants you to be in control of the banking function in your life by using financial traditions with proven success.


It’s your wealth. You should be in command of the process by which you grow and save money for the future.


Be positive that your wealth is growing guaranteed in a financial environment with over 100 consecutive years of profitability.

Cash Flow

By becoming your own banker you will see your assets grow exponentially without having to work any harder or take any additional risk.

Creditor Protected

With a dividend paying whole life insurance policy, your wealth will be residing in an asset that is private and protected from creditors and predators.

Retirement Solutions With You In Mind

If you’re nearing retirement, chances are that traditional methods for fiscal security have your portfolio set up for the wrong purpose, focusing on growth and not income. You have been told to save up a “Nest Egg” that can last you through your retired years. Factum Financial empowers users to shift their earnings into income based strategies that will solidify their retirement. Together, we can build a cash flow system that will not get diminished and cause you to have to come out of retirement.

Income Certainty

How much have you lost on the uncertainty of Wall Street for your retirement? It’s your money, but you aren’t allowed to do anything to protect or even use it without penalty for twenty years or more. If it’s time to seriously consider your financial security and liquidity as your retirement draws near, Factum Financial will guide you with wisdom and expertise to solidify your wealth against any economic climate.