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Meet The Team

Kyle Fuller

Wealth Strategist

Kyle Fuller started in life insurance in 2013, but was overcome by the power of Infinite Banking the following year and has been practicing IBC ever since. Kyle was blessed with the heart of a teacher, which prompted him to share his knowledge of Infinite Banking with people who want to harness every dollar for its maximum potential and live with ultimate financial freedom. Whether clients are overcoming debt, creating lasting wealth, or simply striving for financial freedom, Kyle helps people make their money work for them.

Businesses, individuals and families who work with Kyle all learn through accessible and personalized guidance that illustrates how they can channel whole life insurance into the living benefits taught by Nelson under IBC. The uninterrupted true compounding, liquidity, easy access, tax deferred earnings, and stability that a properly designed whole life insurance policy provides makes it the perfect asset to build your foundation on.

Kyle grew up In Mesa, AZ. He is passionate about sound principles for money stewardship. His first son had a banking policy at 3 months old, giving him the freedom that comes from never having to rely on a  conventional bank for his financial needs and desires. By moving away from the commercial banking world and using specifically designed policies as a source of financing, more and more of the money stays in the family!

Kyle is an authorized practitioner in Arizona and is ready to give business owners and families the necessary tools to carve out their new financial future today.

Scott Crook

Wealth Strategist

My journey with the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) began with my search and deep desire to get our businesses out of debt. Along with my wife, Mimi, we own and operate the Humuya Inn, an award winning boutique hotel and corporate apartment complex in Honduras. I knew there had to be a better way than overworking myself or taking on more risk in order to pay off our business debts.

I found IBC through R. Nelson Nash’s book “Becoming Your Own Banker” in 2010 and could not believe what I was reading could be true. So I kept investigating this Infinite Banking Concept and after a year of research, plus meeting Ray Poteet and Mr. Nash at one of his conferences, I became a believer and opened several policies. With these policies, I am now recapturing that same debt that was keeping me up at night. Now as I pay it back, I’m creating a bank for my business and family’s use.

IBC changed my life so drastically that I decided to become an agent in order to help friends and families escape from the same financial slavery I lived with for twenty years.  Teaching and coaching others how to “Become Your Own Banker” brings me great joy and satisfaction. Because of our new found knowledge, we have been able to purchase several single family homes in Jacksonville, Florida as another part of our real estate portfolio.

After 20 years of living in Honduras, Central America, our family relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2012.

As a family we have enjoyed traveling all over the West Coast and seeing much of the great state of Arizona. As a family we will always have strong ties to Honduras and Central America. We continue to seek ways to help and have been privileged to go on several mission trips and projects from our church to Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica–all of which we have funded using our IBC policies.  We also enjoy tennis, soccer, and mountain biking.

Monty Flack

Wealth Strategist

Monty Flack started his career as a high school spanish teacher. He was a teacher in Holbrook, AZ for fourteen years and he was the head softball coach for ten of those years. In 2006, during his tenure at Holbrook Highschool, Monty became interested in real estate investment. He was living paycheck to paycheck on a teachers salary, with no solution for the financial stress that was keeping him up at night. He purchased his first property and two months later he bought another property. After eight months, he had purchased three properties with a total of 31 units. He was hooked on real estate, but was also not making enough on a teacher’s salary to live and manage his properties.

In 2009, Monty was introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and he immediately saw the power that comes from a personal cash-flow system. He purchased his first policy shortly after and set about using IBC for his financial needs. In 2012, after learning the truth of how money works, he left the teaching profession and pulled his retirement funds to start using them in a dynamic way.

When a mentor approached Monty in 2012 to see if he wanted to become an agent and act as a wealth strategist for people that were in his exact situation, he jumped at the chance. He has been helping individuals and families alleviate their financial stress ever since.

Monty is a lifelong resident of Arizona and a servant to his community. When Monty isn’t showing people the potential they can harness with the Infinite Banking Concept, he enjoys attending fast pitch softball games and teaching people how to play the game. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and grandkids.

Jim King

Wealth Strategist

Jim received his undergraduate degree from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1985. He taught and coached for two years in Colorado Springs. From 1987-1993 Jim worked in a large company, eventually leading a new phase of technology for the company that had a $10 million annual budget.

In 1993 he was asked to lead a non-profit organization called Friendship Sports International, and Jim continues to lead FSI. Currently, Jim has put together and led over 125 trips to Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Jim was introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) in 2012 and began putting the system to work in his family, while also seeing how it could be put to use by people who helped financially support the non-profit.  Jim has learned to use Infinite Banking policies for his charitable giving, and he loves teaching this to others as well. Jim received his national license as an agent in 2014 and currently holds licenses in 10 states. After receiving his papers as a Master Class graduate, Jim has taught IBC in eight states and enjoys showing people how they can get in control of their own money through IBC policies and strategies.

Along with his wife Jenny, Jim began a vacation rental business using his policies as leverage for OPM properties. Teaching other business owners how to use Infinite Banking for personal financing has become a passion.

Jim has been married for 34 years. He has four grown children and eight grandchildren. Jim and his wife, Jenny, live and do business in Cody, Wyoming.

Kenneth Kratzer

Wealth Strategist

Raised by missionary parents in central Africa, Ken Kratzer developed a servants heart and an unusual global perspective that he brings to Factum Financial. Upon graduating from Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya, Ken enrolled at Greenville University, where he earned a BA in Biology and Environmental Science. In 1998, Ken began a career as a science teacher in St. Louis, Missouri.  After moving to Tucson, Ken continued to teach science. Then, as the real estate boom unfolded, he decided to leverage most of his life savings, buying multiple rental properties in the midst of the real estate frenzy. Passing rents and other income through a bank-offered home equity line of credit seemed like a sensible thing to do, until Ken received a letter from Countrywide Financial informing him that his credit line had been frozen. Bleeding cash with no available line of credit, Ken saw no alternative but to walk away from the properties. Looking back on this experience, Ken realized that a properly structured IBC policy would have given him the liquidity and flexibility he needed to weather that storm. Now living in Sahuarita, Arizona and still in the classroom, Ken has become reenergized by the possibilities of Infinite Banking.

Superimposed on this financial saga is the story of Ken’s family. In 2001, Ken and his beautiful wife, Tara, began adopting children. Today, as a father of 12, he has come to learn that financial efficiency and careful planning are imperatives, and that no financial decision involving family can be made lightly. Now that the Kratzer family economy has been retrofitted with the turbocharger that is IBC, Ken seeks every opportunity to share the power of family banking with others. Occasionally, when asked how he expects to retire with 12 kids and a teacher’s pension, Ken quips, “My Children ARE my retirement plan!”  Ken would be thrilled to visit with you and explain why this is so much more than a clever retort. True IBC practitioners “eat their own cooking,” and Ken is no exception. He is using the IBC concept to ensure a secure financial future, while simultaneously teaching his many children the immediate benefits of a family owned bank.

Tarisa Poirier-Shelton

Wealth Strategist

Tarisa Poirier-Shelton was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. She has always had a passion for traveling and using resources in the most efficient way possible from an early age. As she neared college, she wanted to save money and avoid debt as much as possible. She decided  that the best decision for her academic career was to pay her tuition in cash while working full time to get her Bachelor’s degree. After she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Studies and Management from Arizona State University in 2015, she went on to teach English to kids in South Korea for more than a year. While teaching there, she was lucky enough to have a job that paid her well and paid her housing and health insurance! After saving money in college and finding a position out of college that offered her such financial freedom, she made it her mission to become as financially literate as possible by reading as many books as she could get her hands on.

In 2017, she stumbled upon the process of using life insurance as a banking system, but had only just reached the tip of the iceberg until she met Monty Flack and learned about the Infinite Banking System. She quickly realized that she had struck gold and she started banking immediately.

Now it’s Tarisa’s lifelong mission to use her IBC banking system to generate and keep wealth within her family, as well as to teach others how to do the same. Inspired by the leadership of her mentors and the power of the Infinite Banking Concept, she became licensed in 2018. It is her firm belief that the more control a person has over their finances, the easier it is to enjoy life and bring value to others. Tarisa enjoys doing just that by teaching people how to take control of their financial future and how to sleep safe and sound, knowing that their kids and the future generations to come are set for life.

Tarisa currently uses her policies to pay off debt and by the end of 2019, she will be able to use her cash-value as a downpayment for her house. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, spending way too much time with her nose buried in books, and spending time with her family.