Swinging Back The Vault Door To The Resources Within

Welcome to Factum Financial’s Vault. We’re unlocking the door to this wealth of resources to give people the tools they need to start on their path to financial freedom. In this Vault, you will find a bankroll of knowledge in different formats that will electrify your savings plans and give you the power to become your own banker. While we want to give you the tools that you need to forge your financial future, we must first give you our most powerful currency: wisdom. Use this knowledge freely and wisely. We’ll be here to help along the way.


Annual Patterns of Spending

Everyone has their own annual pattern of spending, but it’s often focused on making returns on the 10% they save over a year instead of all the interest they pay and the 90% of income they could recapture if they own banking function. How are you thinking about your spending? Find out more with Factum Financial.

Fractional Reserve Banking

Do you know how a bank actually makes money? Banks are constantly creating cash flow rather than letting our money sit in their vaults, meaning they use our money to make themselves more money. How would you like that power in your hands? It’s time to become your own banker.

Becoming Your Own Banker

– R. Nelson Nash

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

– Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Bankers’ Secret

– Glen P. Zacher, CFP & Jayson C. Lowe

A Snapshot Of Your Retirement Readiness

A Snapshot Of Your Retirement Readiness How do you know if the financial planning you’re working so hard on right now is going to pay off in the long run? If you’re being diligent, putting money away, solidifying your legacy and preparing for the future, you want to know that you […]

Why Are Financial Gurus Denying The 2020 Recession?

Why Are Financial Gurus Denying The 2020 Recession? People are receiving overwhelming radio silence from that group or reassurances that it’s not the time to worry yet. They’re unwilling to see or admit that the ship is taking on water and already sinking, or if they are admitting it, they look […]

Bucking The Herd Mentality

Bucking The Herd Mentality Millions of families have lost their life savings and subsequently their jobs, cars and housing following the direction of the herd during the great recession. And when you try to question that mentality, people are often reticent to question their choices and more likely to stick with […]